Our foundation

Artsenhulp voor Oekraïne

We’re supporting our colleagues in war, are you helping us?

Our foundation, established by doctors and experts in setting up emergency aid, aims to provide support to our colleagues in Ukraine as quickly as possible.

We do this by purchasing medication and collecting and buying medical devices, including bandages and surgical instruments. We deliver these to our colleagues in Ukraine, at the hospitals with the highest demand for these materials. In addition, our doctors are always in contact with colleagues on-site to support them.

Everyone who works for this foundation does this voluntarily.

How we work

Our foundation purchases medication and medical devices with donated money. Medical devices are also collected. These relief supplies are stored briefly in a secured collection depot. Healthcare professionals sort the packages and prepare them for the transport. The relief supplies are transported to Ukraine by a professional transport company. Colleague doctors in Ukraine take care of the further distribution. In this way we make sure our aid is delivered directly to the hospitals with the highest need for the supplies.

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Our principles

  • Everyone who works for this foundation does this voluntarily
  • All of the money raised by the foundation is spent on medication, medical aids and their transport.
  • We purchase medication via IDA and MEG, in order to comply with the regulations of the Health and Youth Care Inspectorate (IGJ).
  • We are in close contact with our colleges on-site to make sure we can fulfill specific requests.
  • We collaborate with other humanitarian organizations as much as possible to avoid fragmentation and inefficiency.
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Are you helping us?

Would you like to participate in our foundation? We are still looking for the following volunteers!

  • Doctors, preferably with Ukrainian background, to maintain contact with doctors in Ukraine.
  • Medical students who want to do an internship with us.
  • People with experience in ambulance transport or with transport to Ukraine.
  • People who want to support our logistics.
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Board Artsenhulp voor Oekraïne

The composition of our board

Irina Schend


Irina was born and raised in ex-Yugoslavia, and lives in the Netherlands since 2001. She studied Medicine at the University of Amsterdam (AMC). Since 2016 she has her own GP practice with Jacques de Milliano on the Nassaulaan in Haarlem. As a general practitioner she is also involved in healthcare for disabled patients.

Jacques de Milliano


Jacques is a general practitioner in Haarlem and works together with Irina Schend. He is the founder of Doctors Without Borders Netherlands (1984) and led the organization until 1997. He provided medical aid in war zones, including Iraq, Bosnia and Afghanistan. He was also one of the founders of the Access to Medicine Foundation. He also works as a doctor in an asylum seekers’ center.

Inge-Lisa Toxopeus


Inge-Lisa was a forensic accountant for 20 years. Now she’s a registered valuator and legal expert specializing in estimating financial loss. She is a partner at Hermes-Advisory since 2012, and a member of the Supervisory Board of various foundations.

Roel Zaat

Board member

Former MSF logistician. Worked as a logistics coordinator in countries such as Bosnia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Last twelve years with MSF in the capacity of Procurement Coordinator. Responsible for logistics and transport at the Foundation.


The volunteers who are committed to our foundation

Paul Sprunken


A backpack full of experiences from a diverse 47-year professional career with logistics services as the main theme. During the last 10 years of this he guided humanitarian flows to all corners of the field of MSF-Holland. Now supports transportation and distribution for the Foundation.

Andrii Brudnyi


Andrii has been involved in the logistics side of the foundation since April 2022. He is responsible for organizing and receiving the relief supplies in Ukraine, for storing and sorting them and for further distribution throughout the country. Andrii has lived in Kyiv since 2004 where he obtained his master’s degree in economics and has since worked as an investment specialist at a private equity fund.

Tatyana Kutsyak


Tatyana is a radiologist who worked in a large oncology center in Dnipro before the war. She is now in Haarlem, where she maintains contacts within the foundation with the doctors in Ukraine, mainly in Dnipro. She also maintains relations with hospitals and clinics, and feeds feedback from Ukraine back to our foundation.

Yulia Tsukanova


Yulia lives in Lviv with her 3 children. She is currently head of the Charity Foundation TACTICAL AFFAIRS. This foundation helps civilians, hospitals and military personnel to receive humanitarian aid from the EU. Before the war, she worked as a customer manager for a solar energy company. As a result, she has strong logistics, communication and marketing skills. She is therefore proud to be part of the Physician Aid for Ukraine team, for which she does a fantastic job by being in constant contact with doctors on the ground.

Oksana Romaliiska


Before the war, Oksana worked as a neurologist in Zaporizhzhia, where she also lived with her 6-year-old daughter. When her daughter was left alone in the hallway (the safest place in the house) and sleeping under the table because of the explosions, she decided to flee. First to Poland, then to the Netherlands, where they now live with a host family. Within the foundation she maintains contacts with hospitals in Ukraine, and she is looking for new hospitals with which we can collaborate.

Mark Haveman


Works as a website developer and online manager at Team Switch. Mark has a lot of experience in creating attractive, user-friendly and well-functioning websites. Together with his company, he has voluntarily created this website and ensures that it is properly maintained and continuously improved.

Edwin den Haak


Edwin works as a practicing pharmacist in Haarlem. He has gained a lot of experience in ISO certification by auditing various organizations such as (hospital) pharmacies. He is committed to providing pharmaceutical advice based on these experiences in order to meet quality requirements in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Ron van der Ham


Ron works in IT for over 25 years. At the moment he works at CGI, and in his spare time he helps our foundation to set up the IT infrastructure and streamline the administrative processes.

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