The distribution through Ukraine

After the cargo has arrived in Kyiv, further distribution throughout the country has to follow. All goods have now arrived at their final destination. A major logistics job and fantastic work by our colleagues in Ukraine!

Last week, the order from Novomoskovsk arrived, at the Tsentral’na Rayons Likarnya (Central Regional Hospital). This is a large hospital with an Intensive Care Unit. They split part of the cargo and transported it further to Zaporizhzha.

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Not much later, the orders from the clinics in Zaporizhzha arrived: among others a Maternity Kit, a Surgery/IC Kit and a Primary Care Kit. The kits have been delivered to the mother/child and maternity hospitals, and to the Malyshev Medical Clinic.

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A new hospital we collaborate with is Mykolaivsk Regional Clinical Hospital, in Mykolaiv. This is a big hospital with 510 beds spread over 13 wards. They needed a Maternity Kit, which we were able to deliver last Wednesday!

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We are very proud of the cooperation between the volunteers here and the colleagues on site. The next shipment is on its way! If you want to contribute to this, you can donate here.

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