The new destinations

Our contact persons are constantly looking for new hospitals and clinics we can collaborate with. They approach doctors in Ukraine and identify what resources are most needed. As a result, new destinations are added with every delivery!

Pervomaiskaya City Hospital is a 220-bed hospital, just 40 km from the front line. Because they care for many refugees from the region, an intensive care unit has been created. In addition to taking care of acutely injured patients, they also treat refugees with severe chronic illnesses. In addition to an IC, there is also a large surgery and obstetrics department. Therefore, we are happy to be able to deliver all these 3 packages to them!


We also delivered to Oleksandriv Hospital for the first time. This hospital has been the main hospital in the Oleksandrivka region since 1986. The hospital has 5 floors and 125 beds spread over 7 departments. Because they care for many refugees, they received a maternity kit last week.


In Pavlograd, the neccesary items have arrived as well. The Pavlograd Maternity Hospital is a clinic not far from the front line. Our first delivery to them consisted of 1 surgery kit, 1 maternity kit and 1 primary care kit.


1 Interagency Emergency Health Kit was sent to SVOI. This is an NGO in Zaporizhzhia, they provide help to people in shelters. They are very happy with this huge package!


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